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A Special Flame

The Music of Elgar and Vaughan Williams

Edited by John Norris and Andrew Neill

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The eleven essays in this volume on Elgar and Vaughan Williams were presented to an International Symposium held at the British Library in London on 29 – 30 March, 2003. The idea of the Symposium was to shed further light on the music of two of England’s greatest composers, using presenters who could draw the right connections between Elgar and Vaughan Williams whenever this was possible. Contributors include Michael Kennedy, Lewis Foreman, Byron Adams, Robert Anderson, Hugh Cobbe, Andrew Neill and Stephen Connock.
  1. Elgar and Vaughan Williams: A 21st Century Celebration by Michael Kennedy
  2. ‘It looks all wrong, but it sounds all right’ by Andrew Neill
  3. Dreamers of Dreams: The Songs of Elgar and Vaughan Williams by Claire-Louise Lucas and Jonathan Darnborough
  4. Battle Songs and Elegies by Lewis Foreman
  5. What have we learnt from Elgar? by Byron Adams
  6. Stanford, Elgar and Vaughan Williams by Michael Pope
  7. ‘My Dear Elgar’ – The letters of Elgar and Vaughan Williams by Hugh Cobbe
  8. From The Apostles to Sancta Civitas by Charles McGuire
  9. ‘Sheer early morning loveliness’ – RVW and The Poisoned Kiss by Stephen Connock
  10. ‘Immemorial Ind’ by Robert Anderson
  11. Eleven Symphonies: Do they travel? If not, why not? – A Panel Discussion

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