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New Publications

Albion Music is publishing two new titles in 2018 and will be featuring biographies and autobiographies of film music composers amongst its new titles in the years ahead.


The Greater Light

A major reference book on Martin Shaw (photograph below), including a CD of selected songs and anthems, will be published in 2018 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the composer’s death in 1958. Edited by Stephen Connock and the composer’s grand-daughter, Isobel Montgomery Campbell, this will be the ‘go to’ book for any information on Shaw. It will include a comprehensive Catalogue of Works, a reprint of his hilarious reminiscences Up to Now and selected letters from his wide correspondence.

Martin Shaw
Reissued books

Albion is also hoping to release two books on English composers in 2018, subject to the necessary copyright agreements with existing publishers. We plan to bring many valuable titles back into circulation.



Ideas for new titles or for reissued books should be sent to Albion Music using the contact page. All suggestions are welcome!



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