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Paradise Remembered

An Autobiography

Ursula Vaughan Williams

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Ursula Vaughan Williams brings to her autobiography the same evocative use of language, clarity of expression and vivid imagery which distinguishes her poetry and novels. Born in 1911 in Malta, her early life as the daughter of an Army Officer took her to many varied and colourful locations. Her marriage to Michael Wood, a Gunnery Instructor, maintained this itinerant life style.

All this was to change irrevocably after her first meeting with Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1938. Their friendship, close artistic collaboration and subsequent marriage in 1953 are described with candour, humour and affection. It is a fascinating story which was, indeed, a paradise remembered.

This Autobiography was edited by Roger Buckley with the assistance of Joyce Kennedy.

“When Ralph Vaughan Williams collected me from my parents’ flat I was charmed and surprised to see that the hat he carried was a green pork-pie, a kind I’d only seen worn by cavalry subalterns, and not the horrible bowler which I expected someone of his age to own. I was impressed, too, by someone who kept a taxi waiting.

When we were in the taxi voice, eyes, hands were somehow familiar, so that I felt that I was meeting again someone I had known before, and this recognition was the same for him.”
Excerpt from page 82

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Below: Just two of the personal photographs from the book. Vaughan WIlliams’ favourite photograph of Ursula. Right: Vaughan Williams aged 66 in 1938

Ursula Vaughan Williams with seabird
Vaughan Williams 1938



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