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Ralph Vaughan Williams In Perspective

Edited by Lewis Foreman

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Since Vaughan Williams died in 1958, his music has been taken the hearts of an ever-widening audience. However, over the years his critical reputation has not always his popular following. Now the subject of increasing scholarly interest, he is acknowledged as a very considerable figure in twentieth century music.In this fascinating volume, Lewis Foreman has assembled a team of experts to explore key issues in our understanding of the man and his music. Contributors include: Jeremy Dibble, Andrew Herbert, Stephen Lloyd, Anthony Payne, Duncan Hinnells, Tony Kendall, John Huntley, Jenny Doctor and Stephen Banfield.
Introduction and Acknowledgements

  1. Restless Explorations: articulating many visions Lewis Foreman
  2. Parry, Stanford and Vaughan Williams: the creation of tradition Jeremy Dibble
  3. Through Bushes and through Briars: Vaughan Williams’s earliest folk-song collecting Tony Kendall
  4. Unfinished Business: the evolution of the ‘Solent’: theme Andrew Herbert
    The Steersman
    Plates Section
  5. Vaughan Williams’s A London Symphony: the original performance and recordings Stephen Lloyd
  6. Vaughan Williams’s Piano Concerto: the first seventy years Duncan Hinnells
  7. Encompassing his Century’s Dilemmas: the modality of Vaughan Williams Anthony Payne
  8. The Film Music of Ralph Vaughan Williams John Huntley
  9. ‘Working for her own Salvation’: Vaughan Williams as teacher of Elizabeth Maconchy, Grace Williams and Ina Boyle Jennifer Doctor
  10. Vaughan Williams and Gerald Finzi Stephen Banfield


  • Vaughan Williams’s own programme for A London Symphony
  • A London Symphony: a bibliography
  • Bibliography to chapter VI


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